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Important Product Information for Old West Coast

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Old West Coast Lighting Company, LLC, sells antique lighting. All lights, unless noted, have been cleaned and rewired, and loved up to look their best for another several decades. But they are antiques, and as such, they are very rarely in perfect condition. To us, that's not a bad thing; indeed, we believe these quirks and imperfections bring further character and distinction to what we offer. That being said, we do our best here to provide accurate photos and descriptions of each light. If you have questions, would like to see more detailed pictures, or need additional information, please, give us a call; we would be happy to talk to you. Light bulbs are not included in purchase. Light fixtures do not include ground wires; if one is needed, please contact us. Some lights are a challenge to install, and it is recommended you retain a professional electrician for the job.